Cheaper Faster and Knowledgeable? WTF I Love You! :)


In this case Home Depot did not have the screws and Lowes had a small package only (the price was not marked but I wanted 100). But I could purchase the nuts at both for around $4.50 for 100.

If you have ever shopped for screws at either box store you know the selector is bad…. Lowes seems worse around here. But Fastenal was very refreshing…. It was like walking into a store that knew what they were selling! I actually enjoyed it. 🙂 Plus it was cheaper and THEY HAD MY PRODUCT! I already went to HD and Lowes to look for the stupid screws.

(Also of course I did not ask for help at HD or Lowes…. I know better plus the screws are in order. But someone asked me for help at HD. LOL 🙂 )