Twice the ICE – Ice House America – Again?

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Today I found another one of these Twice the Ice boxes.  I am not an ice expert but I just do not understand the locations, but maybe the units are really cheap?

The guy that owns this location owns all the others (5 total).

(Bessemer)  1)  Holiday Bowl Fun Center (this location off 9th Ave and Brewer Drive)  2) Next to EZ Pawn & Taco Bell  3)  Next to Race Way 19th Street  (Hueytown)  4)  Next to Papa Johns Pizza Forest Road  (Warrior River)  5) Red Top Grocery Alliance Road

Update: Full service? 9th Avenue

I was driving past this full service wash and noticed they updated their sign.  Not really sure what the December 27, 2006 date is for.  The sign also seems more confusing?  The original post is here:


This is the entrence of the wash.  I guess when the place is open they move the truck?


This is what you see before you enter the “tunnel of doom”.


If you make it out of the tunnel this is their road sign.


These pictures were taken with my iphone not a Holga (sorry for the extremely bad photography joke).  The iphone can take good pictures then terrible pictures.

The Foundry Superthrift Outlet


Usually I drop off crap here and today it was time to spend money!


Unfortunately Dorothy beat me to the “exercise vibrator” it was only $14.96.


I could not decide if I wanted to replace my Webber grill with this smoker thing for $6.88. I decided against it, then wondered why it was not in the garbage?


You had to purchase something to leave the store and I have too much clothing already so…. I purchased a electric weed eater for $4.88. Why not?

This guy stole my Dad’s garbage can lid.

This was a different guy this time.  It looks like he is Santa Clause with an Indian head dress and chain?


He first looked through all the garbage cans.  Then he took the lid, but there was someone else vacuuming when he stole it.


Of course he had no tag.  I guess he has to pay for the car somehow?

Last time it happened to me:  LINK



Emu oil seems really good, it relieves arthritis pain and helps heal all skin ailments.  I guess it did not help the driver that sells the product because they have a handicapped tag?

$5 to clean out the vacuums?


I was cleaning out the vacuums today and this nice guy (he wants me to call him the “Can Man”) wanted to go through the vacuums.  I asked if he wanted to clean them out for me.  He said yes and I gave him $5.  He is a nice guy and he locked the vacuums back and left the shovel.  Well worth $5.