Procon pump repair…..


I never thought of repairing your Procon pump…. I assume you never think of repairing the pump because it last so long?
EDCO is a Procon Factory Authorized Remanufacturing Center – United States:

I have never used EDCO and I assume $40 plus shipping fixes a series 1 pump?  (Not sure what series I use for self serve?  Series 1 or 2?)

This makes more since for the stainless steel pumps (which I used on my Water Wizard).  KR has their prices on series 5 and 6 higher than from EDCO.

Paint splatters cars going through McKeesport car wash

“I believe the car wash should take some sort of responsibility.” Really?
“I agree they (car wash owner) are a victim as well… However it was the rudeness.” Really?

I see the real victim here…. the person that purchased a new 2016 MKX with or without white paint.  Not Kidding!  LOL 🙂  Plus 50k…. that was more shocking than the white paint! Looks like a Jeep Cherokee also.
Full article and super annoying lady with a video below. I believe it is my mother!

The guy with the paint was a true general surgeon. Wow! I almost understand the self serve bays a little better.
Just a note…. this is against the law. That is probably why my mother in the video is not getting her way and the car wash owner can not do anything.

I feel sorry for the car wash owner actually…. I would hate to deal with this.

Another note…. this is actually not my mother…. my mother would be 10x more annoying.  She would also be driving a Jeep which looks like the MKX.  LOL 🙂

Concrete Asphalt Patches! LOL :)

I tried lots of different patches and I also read that concrete is a bad idea…. My thoughts were all the recommend ideas were bad ideas.  🙂  So worse case I would just rip it out and concrete it correctly.

So on 4/23/2014 I used Quikrete Crack Resistant Concrete Mix and installed it where my concrete slab met my asphalt.
Today 9/20/2016…. Basically a crack at the concrete.
I later got confused what I purchased and used Quikrete Masonry Cement Type S by accident…. this is what happened.
Installed 7/6/2015…. this was wider and deeper. 2-4″ wide and 1-2″ deep.
Today 9/20/2016…. not as good as the Crack Resistant Mix but better than nothing.
I used the same Type S below but the cracks were similar to the top pictures and there was far less cracking.

Fresh Gulf Seafood…. Catfish and Shrimp Straight from the Gulf!

2 large coolers of seafood…. super hot…. in a truck…. on the side of the road…. I guess it should not matter? But the cheap steak vendors use deep freezers. Actually someone told me what the deal was with the “20 Ribeye’s for $25.00” was. They try and upsell you to more expensive steaks…. Now I feel stupid I should have known that! 🙂 It is the oldest trick in the book…. I was just thinking I have had a $1 ribeye and why would I want to do that again? 🙂