Paint splatters cars going through McKeesport car wash

“I believe the car wash should take some sort of responsibility.” Really?
“I agree they (car wash owner) are a victim as well… However it was the rudeness.” Really?

I see the real victim here…. the person that purchased a new 2016 MKX with or without white paint.  Not Kidding!  LOL 🙂  Plus 50k…. that was more shocking than the white paint! Looks like a Jeep Cherokee also.
Full article and super annoying lady with a video below. I believe it is my mother!

The guy with the paint was a true general surgeon. Wow! I almost understand the self serve bays a little better.
Just a note…. this is against the law. That is probably why my mother in the video is not getting her way and the car wash owner can not do anything.

I feel sorry for the car wash owner actually…. I would hate to deal with this.

Another note…. this is actually not my mother…. my mother would be 10x more annoying.  She would also be driving a Jeep which looks like the MKX.  LOL 🙂