Foam brush solenoid problem


When you turn off the foam brush and the chemical still comes out, that is bad.  It also says there is crap in the solenoid valve.


You want to check the plunger, usually their will be crap making it be stuck open.  So you have to take the valve apart.


This is about as bad as I have seen.  But usually the crap is smaller.


Sometimes the rubber plunger thing (last picture) can be messed up to allow a constant stream.

I spotted a real UFO!


I was listening to my podcast of Coast to Coast AM and spotted this UFO.  Can you believe it?  A real UFO!  Okay, so you doubt the picture?  I will tell you the truth:  there is no way I could have identified this UFO because it is just too far away.  So that is why it is an Unidentified Flying Object!

Dell Inspiron 9300 power button problem


I got to fix my mother’s laptop!  I had to take off the plastic covering over the power button to get this thing to start.  I guess the button is messed up.  I am planning to replace the plastic piece first then maybe I will try the circuit board if there is still a problem.

Close-Up Freshening Xperience whiteing study


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you smeared Close-Up toothpaste all over your dirty FRP board? I found this toothpaste on the ground and I already brushed my teeth for the week so……


This is what it looked like after I applied the “Whitening Cinnamon Blast” to my FRP board.


I waited 2 days because I wanted super whitening action, not really sure what the white crap comming off the red Close-Up is (first picture).  (Actually, I was sick and forgot to clean it up.)  But I just rinsed the Close-Up off and presto! spotty white FRP!  Worked really well; maybe if you let the Close-Up stay on only 1 day?  The conclusion of this study is if you leave Close-Up on your teeth or anything else it should whiten anything up!