Close-Up Freshening Xperience whiteing study


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you smeared Close-Up toothpaste all over your dirty FRP board? I found this toothpaste on the ground and I already brushed my teeth for the week so……


This is what it looked like after I applied the “Whitening Cinnamon Blast” to my FRP board.


I waited 2 days because I wanted super whitening action, not really sure what the white crap comming off the red Close-Up is (first picture).  (Actually, I was sick and forgot to clean it up.)  But I just rinsed the Close-Up off and presto! spotty white FRP!  Worked really well; maybe if you let the Close-Up stay on only 1 day?  The conclusion of this study is if you leave Close-Up on your teeth or anything else it should whiten anything up!

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  1. How much of the toothpaste did it take to clean a Virgin Mary-shaped spot on the FRP? Would it be cost-effective to clean a whole bay? Did you brush as directed or just apply, forget for two days and rinse? If you brushed, was it with circular motions or up and down?

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