Super Handi-Clam fun


I thought I dug a lot of dirt out of the pit yesterday, guess not.  Well, I pumped out the water and dug out the pit for about half the day.  Which is always fun.  Then gave up.


The first picture is the entry drain to the pit.  The second picture is the exit drain for the pit.  The red arrows, I believe, show the progress I made today.  The blue arrow shows the exit drain.

Vacuum entitlement?


I understand what happens when a vacuum motor quits working and you do not notice; someone will pull the hose off the machine.  Sometimes they will steal the vacuum nozzle, other times they steal the whole hose and nozzle.  This guy stole the whole thing because the shampooer was out?  What?  After stealing the hose he went to another shampooer to shampoo his truck.  (Disclaimer:  I actually do not understand why people do  this act.  I just think I understand the warped logic.)

Replace vacuum motor brushes

Whenever a motor quits working, first I always change the brushes out, which does not always work.  WARNING:  You should not wait for the motor to quit working before changing the brushes.  That is what ruins the motor prematurely, which it what I do.


I took the old bush out and I am holding a new brush.  Note the tab with the arrow.


I first push the brush against the cylinder in the middle at an angle.  You push the brush in until the tab on the brush side lines up with the hole on the vacuum motor.  Then twist the brush into the hole.


Now hook up the wire to the brush and screw it back down to the vacuum frame.  Done.


After changing out the brushes the motor started sparking and blew the power breaker.  So I guess this motor is garbage.  Which is its new home.