Yes, four problems in one day!


Error message was “CK TRANSPORT VF”.  Bill jammed in the bill acceptor (picture looking down through the stacker).  Yes, this and the following three problems are from the same day.  I thought the rule was only one bad thing a day?

Drain problem again


Well, the drain clogged up again.  I want to dig it out and fix the problem, so I purchased a Basin Cleaner 6′ w/12 Shovel ($168.90).  I will have to see how that Handi-Clam thing works.


I tried to use my drain cleaner and it seemed clogged up.  So I took it apart and it was full of crap and looked rusted.  I got it to work after cleaning it out.  Also, I got the drain clear.

I actually talked to Carl Armstrong today


He said that he dumped the garbage in my dumpster and whatever I do I can not stop him.  Actually, he said that he had no idea how the garbage got there and said he had garbage pickup at all his rental homes. 


Maybe the garbage can is around the back of the house? 


But his story makes some sense because he said he lived in Wisconsin and I found mail with his name on it and an address in Wisconsin.