Condoms are for Married people only!

I was going to the restroom at a “nice” gas station (the kind with the condom machine).


The vendor says that only married people can use the condoms unless you want AIDS.  Well, I am paraphrasing (read below).

“Although no contraceptive can provide complete protection, Hygeia Condoms, when properly used, may prevent the transmission of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The best method of AIDS prevention is abstinence before marriage and a monogamous relationship during marriage. Hygeia Condoms are available here for your privacy and convenience. This dispenser serviced at frequent intervals.”

I purchased more stuff from Greg today


Well, I purchased some garbage can lids from Greg’s brother technically.  Greg gave them to his brother and I actually purchased them from Greg.  But they used to be my Dad’s garbage can lids from his Valleydale car wash, which Greg replaced with the tepee type lids.  Right?  Well, I have them now, which is good.  Thanks Greg and Greg’s brother!

Valleydale remodel

Blue paint on the islands


Bug remover applicator and Wheel Wizard brush.


I am not sure but I think Greg is using a Dema Mix Rite pump and Blue Coral Slime Lime Bug Remover.


Also, Greg has a "Detail Area" with towels, glass cleaner, spot free water, and some air freshener.


Valleydale remodel

Greg added Extrutech to the self serve bays, new signs and some other stuff.



 Before and after pictures

IMG_0358.JPG -> IMG_2170.JPG

IMG_0350.JPG -> IMG_2139.JPGIMG_2140.JPG

IMG_0352.JPG -> IMG_2141.JPG

IMG_2166.JPG Changed to wall mount.  (Note the pvc cap on the ground.)

IMG_0342.JPG -> IMG_2147.JPG Added foam brush sign.

IMG_0340.JPG -> IMG_2149.JPG

IMG_2145.JPG  The old mat clips were red and seemed wider.

IMG_0341.JPG -> IMG_2142.JPGIMG_2143.JPG

IMG_0353.JPG -> IMG_2154.JPGIMG_2168.JPG 

Stripped top and painted white primer.  Greg said he will paint blue.  Also, replaced vacuum lids.

IMG_0369.JPG -> IMG_2159.JPG  Removed package sign.