Valleydale remodel

Greg added Extrutech to the self serve bays, new signs and some other stuff.



 Before and after pictures

IMG_0358.JPG -> IMG_2170.JPG

IMG_0350.JPG -> IMG_2139.JPGIMG_2140.JPG

IMG_0352.JPG -> IMG_2141.JPG

IMG_2166.JPG Changed to wall mount.  (Note the pvc cap on the ground.)

IMG_0342.JPG -> IMG_2147.JPG Added foam brush sign.

IMG_0340.JPG -> IMG_2149.JPG

IMG_2145.JPG  The old mat clips were red and seemed wider.

IMG_0341.JPG -> IMG_2142.JPGIMG_2143.JPG

IMG_0353.JPG -> IMG_2154.JPGIMG_2168.JPG 

Stripped top and painted white primer.  Greg said he will paint blue.  Also, replaced vacuum lids.

IMG_0369.JPG -> IMG_2159.JPG  Removed package sign.