Open Dumpster


Seems like when I leave my dumpster open it attracts people.  Today I was working around the wash and a lady pulls up.  She opens the back of her suv and it is full of Christmas garbage.  I told her you could not just dump all her trash in the dumpster but she could dump some in a garbage can.  She started going on about “you telling me I can not clean my car at your carwash” etc… and just smiling away.  I just told her she could dump her garbage in a garbage can and not the dumpster.  She got angry for some reason and said “well I am going to wash my car somewhere else.”  What?!

Water Wizard Problem “ Update


Well I finally took off the check valve like Mep1 told me to and I am going to see what the ramifications are going to be.  Greg told me that the system is supposed to have a check valve and for the air to blow down (for cold weather).  The problem could be that the system will allow air to travel into the holding tank?  Who knows but I bet this is going to fix my problem.

(The problem is the pre-soak occasionally does not work out on the gantry.  The outgoing hose builds up pressure which does not allow the pump to pump out liquid.)

Merry Christmas!


We went over to my sister house for Christmas and they had a ton of gifts this year (second picture).  My sister Melissa is showing off her gifts that I gave her from the carwash: a Public’s grocery sweatshirt and a 2008 Harley Davidson t-shirt!

Bad Break In


Greg left me a message telling me that 19th Street had been broken into so I drove by today and took some pictures.  He said that they broke into the equipment room, the Hamilton changer and into the Unitec.  Just in time for Christmas!  I was surprised that the carwash was closed though.