Break-In “ Update


It took the repair guys 2 days to get the place running again!  It only took from Christmas until today.  A job well done!  Way to work under pressure!  (He is also managing them from out of state.)

Bad Break In


Greg left me a message telling me that 19th Street had been broken into so I drove by today and took some pictures.  He said that they broke into the equipment room, the Hamilton changer and into the Unitec.  Just in time for Christmas!  I was surprised that the carwash was closed though.

Purchased a used MEI off and it actually worked!

Picture 613.jpgPicture 615.jpgPicture 616.jpg

I purchased a MEI Mars AE 2631 D7 off and received a D5 but everything worked fine.

Picture 622.jpgPicture 645.jpgPicture 647.jpg

I called Mars to ask them the difference between model number D7 and D5.  The tech was very helpful and actually knew off the top of his head what the answer was.  The D7 part denotes the bill stacker count at 700 bills, D5 500 bills.  So games-people-play-and-more (the ebay seller) just did not give me the correct bill stacker but it was a really good deal at $160.

A new hospital opened up?


I was driving by the 19th street car wash today and noticed a new hospital is opening.  What is weird is that the house (second picture) does not match the sign (third picture).  Middle Creek Medical Center, McCalla

Mildly funny bunper sticker?


“Custer Was Sioux’d”.  I would not put it on the paint of my car (or on my car) but it was mildly funny.  When I walked into the convenience store I was wondering which employee owned the car.  I believe I figured it out.  It was the woman that had the Native American magazine (the only time I leave my camera in the car).