The question is: Turn the car away or not?


She wanted to clean her wheels.  Greg never gave me a clear answer did I mess up or not, should I have refused her or not.  William gave me a clear answer, he said it was a bad idea.  But the conclusion is clear the car made it.  Greg taped the front light and the back license plate light.  Also, the wraps did not get caught in the bumper.  Which is good.

Drainage problem


I heard that William and Greg were working hard so I had to come watch.  There was a clog between the flooded holding tank above and the clean out (In the first picture William is cleaning out the clean out.).  They setup two sump pumps and were draining the above holding tank and the whole tunnel.  It looked like lots of fun and with the cars coming to get washed looked like a loosing battle.

Please someone purchase this Honda 400 EX 4-Wheeler


This is the second time he has posted his ad at my car wash.  Now he gets a free ad:

For Sale:  Honda 400 EX 4-Wheeler plus riding gear… color: yellow and black $2000 call Adam @ (205) 965-5141

I hope everyone calls.  Also you can tell him his ink jet printer sucks and he should purchase a new one.  Look how bad it faded when it was $2500 it is terrible.  It was only in the sun for about five minutes.  I saw the guy leave.

Mighty Orange Cleaner & Degreaser


I was excited with the results from using Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser on my frp.  So I was looking for a better value, Might Orange is 33 oz where Awesome is 22 oz, both $1.


I applied the same way holding the bottle like the left picture and squeezing.  This time after about 10 minutes I tried scrubbing with a brush.  It worked about as good as just using high pressure water, maybe a little better.