Roof-Mounted attic fan

Roof-mounted attic fan at the car wash?  The smaller unit is for 1650 sq. ft. and 1170 cfm for $53.82 and the larger is 2100 sq. ft. and 1500 cfm is $110.

Today, it was 98 outside according to my weep mizer and a thermometer about two or three feet from the roof says it was about 95 inside.

There is already a hole in the roof for the boiler and the fan needs a 14 1/2" hole cut.  Would this really help with the heat?

Rowe changer problems

I ate lunch with my Dad today and told him my Rowe changers were working great after I cleaned them.  Of course they both were out today.  One error "L HOPPER EMPTY" the other "EXTRA COIN-L HOP".  I filled up the changer with quarters and reset.

Air manifold setup

Finished the air manifold today.  Also installed it and hooked up the pumps and tested.  Everything worked great except maybe one of the hydrominders may cause a problem.  The way it is mounted the water line can not be fully opened. 

Air manifold setup

I pieced together the majority of the air manifold today with the parts I just received.  There will be ball valves and check valves for every air line out.  Is this over kill or just right?