Break-In “ Update


It took the repair guys 2 days to get the place running again!  It only took from Christmas until today.  A job well done!  Way to work under pressure!  (He is also managing them from out of state.)

Fixing the Weep System? – Update


Apparently I wired my weep system up incorrectly because today two of my bays would blow fuses when turned to rinse.  It is really 2 problems: one problem was my ground for the 2 bays was bad and the second problem was that I did not hook up the weep system correctly, duh!

Fixing the Weep System?


Most unprofessional weep wire job ever?  Well the solenoid valve that I was replaced was 24 volts and mine is 110 volts.  Solution?  Just use an extension cord!  Also I had lots of extra parts left over.

Why Not Break?


Well, I have never had one of these break:  a high pressure pump belt.  The belt has teeth and I really have no clue where to purchase one of these so I am going to wait until tomorrow.

Spot Free Water Problem


My spot free water was not working so I took a look at it and the first problem (first picture) the multistage pump head fell off.  It just cracked off, actually rusted off.  Then the second problem is the ro system was not producing water and the delivery procom 1/2 hp motor seems death.  I guess the freeze knocked both of them out?  Greg told me both are over 15 years old.