3 Replies to “Why Not Break?”

  1. Judging by the way the belt looks burned, someone probably tried to use it when the pump was frozen and the motor pulley just burned its way through the belt. You don’t need one with teeth, but they do last longer. They aren’t really teeth but notches in the belt to keep it from getting hot by flexing.

  2. I like the idea of the motor being above the pump. Never thought of that, but seems like much easier way to replace the motor vs crawling over the pump. You have any more photos of your setup? I recently purchased 3 SS car washes and each one is a little different, so i’m looking to find best way to revamp them as i move forward.

  3. I have this same setup but am trying to clean it up. The previous owner has the water recirculating and no weep guns. I wanted to install weep guns, new unloaders (directly off the pump) and pulsation dampner hose off the bottom of the unloader. If anyone has pictures of what I am talking about that would be very helpful.

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