So I was explaining the NFL QB rule to my Wife….

I have heard nonstop Tom Brady the GOAT…. Okay I get it lots of rings usually proves something! This is exactly why I wear 10 rings! LOL 🙂

But while my Wife was even telling me how great Tom Brady was…. I asked with a disclaimer because I do not know Tom.

“I really have no clue how great he is…. But no one is allowed to hit the Quarterback anymore. This should play a role…. Even with all his wins maybe someone that actually got hit is better?

Seriously why does no one mention the Roughing the Passer Rule? How could this not effect the best Quarterback ever debate? Seriously no joke…. A 65 year old can be the QB. Sure he would be diving a Corvette but still. 🙂 Only hugs can stop the play right or did I seriously miss something. LOL 🙂,the%20rule%20book%20since%201938.

RULE: You can not lead with your helmet to contact the passer, hit the head or neck area, or the knee area or below…. Only lovable hugs!

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I only watch and coach little league now (under 10). I have not watched the NFL in years and did not offer a QB or really care. But in little league where there are missive weight and strength differences. Little kids hit each other and the parents have to pay the league to play! LOL 🙂 Cheaper Faster and Knowledgeable? WTF I Love You! :)


In this case Home Depot did not have the screws and Lowes had a small package only (the price was not marked but I wanted 100). But I could purchase the nuts at both for around $4.50 for 100.

If you have ever shopped for screws at either box store you know the selector is bad…. Lowes seems worse around here. But Fastenal was very refreshing…. It was like walking into a store that knew what they were selling! I actually enjoyed it. 🙂 Plus it was cheaper and THEY HAD MY PRODUCT! I already went to HD and Lowes to look for the stupid screws.

(Also of course I did not ask for help at HD or Lowes…. I know better plus the screws are in order. But someone asked me for help at HD. LOL 🙂 )

Can you spot the employee that is working? :)


You are correct I would never be a Police officer! I would also hate to work anywhere where one mistake at WORK could make you goto jail or get killed! Just think how many fast food employees would be in jail! Who would make our food! LOL 🙂

I also hate to say it… But why do motorcycle cops always drive around like they are filming Chips? Also besides writing tickets…. What is the purpose of using motorcycles?

Everyone wants a handout?  But why?

I get it…. There is nothing worse then a changer stealing your money!  Maybe a vending machine?  This is not the point!  LOL 🙂  But lets be honest…. When you get ripped off do you honestly call?  Or get angry?  Sorry I do not.  I will get irate when a vendor has a crappy bill acceptor though and it will not accept my money.  Why does everyone not use MEI acceptors?

I have a Hamilton DRS…. Basically 2 separate changers in one box.  I got 2 calls today…. Why when I have changer problems must it steal $2 / $5 or $10?  Why?  Never $1?  Even when the last bill 98% of the time are ones?  Plus before you even think what I know you are thinking…. This is not a Rowe BC-100!  This machine works correctly and does not just keep accepting bills.  (Not saying Rowes are bad changers or always kept accepting bills!  I enjoy Rowe things.  ðŸ™‚ )

4 Year Old Soccer and Politics / Society

While watching my son’s soccer games I was constantly wondering who was winning.  Sometimes there was no need to keep score!  If you know what I mean.  ðŸ™‚  Other times it was pretty close…. But when there is no goalie the scores get kind of high some times.  (It is hard to keep track.)

Well my son wants to try t-ball…. T-ball has interesting rules.  No outs and of course no scores.  (Hopefully no hitting the ball!  This could cause violence later!  ðŸ™‚ )

Take this election…. So what you hate the other party and your “team” lost?  Why would you cry about it loser?  Seriously  what is the worse thing that could possibly happen if you work?  I know the passing of the Affordable Care Act…. seriously I cried also!  Maybe I should have burnt down something?  ðŸ™‚  Also I am very concerned about the environment…. We should harvest any and all our resources?

Also I endorse passing a law to have mandatory little league scores and you have to tell the losers they lost!  Bunch of losers…. My son’s soccer team was. JK How would anyone know?   They might have been AWESOME!   LOL 🙂  But they were really not….. My son was on their team.  He was to young.  Everyone had lots of fun though…. but that does NOT make you win.  But winning seriously is not everything….  It is the only thing!  JK 🙂

Never gets old! LOL :)

Is it required when you return a complaint phone call for them too:
1)  exaggerate the amount?
2)  change the amount while talking to you?

Sure someone could have wanted to wash their back hoe and put $45 in the meter box….. But odds are they didn’t.  LOL 🙂  I have debated this with my Dad and he just has no clue and is just wrong…. I believe.

But my favorite is ” I lost a dollar…. I mean I put $20 in there”. LOL  🙂  I’m sure you can forget what you put in the machine…. it’s always the inflation that is funny.

My other big problem is when people are irate over $1…. it makes me want to ask where they work.  Since only Excellence has to happen there!  LOL 🙂