The Cake is a Lie!

Okay so the “The Cake is a Lie!” quote is a bad nerd Portal joke, sorry.

But jamming to my favorite new song (from Quick Quack of course). I heard something that was very very hard to believe! At the end of the song the announcer voice over guy says “Quick Quacks run 100% recycled water.” But there website says they use “as little as eight gallons of fresh water per car”.  I just don’t know what to believe?


What kind of crap is this from the University of Arizona?

Here is a  list of stuff I already knew… I mean I learned… from the study.

  1. Married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people
  2. Females have more bacteria in their cars than males
  3. Automobiles with children have more bacteria than without children (What!  NO WAY!)
  4. The greater the mean temperature of a city the greater the number of molds isolated in the automobiles.  (Please explain!  Oh they do.)

Aspergillus,  Ulocladium,  Alternaria,  Penicillium,  Geotrichum,  Chrysosporium,  Trichoderma,  Aureobasidium,  Geomyces,  Chrysonilia

Also all the molds identified from automobiles are everywhere!  You can’t get away from them so why worry about it unless you have a really weak immune system and you probably live in a bubble anyway.