UPDATE Quick disconnect fittings

It looks like I installed my quick disconnect fittings in 2007? LINK Today I had a problem with the female stainless side (I assume SS the outside is not rusted.)…. The internals of the fitting is messed up. It was also connected to a brass male fitting which was rusted.  I am not sure if SS on brass makes a difference?

I did remove all the fittings except for this one the other day. 🙂 So only one so far is pretty good.

Jim Coleman Super Saver fuse: GMA 5a 125v ?

Well…. this is the fuses I use in my Jim Coleman Super Saver. 🙂 I guess I would have to read to figure out if this is the original/correct amps.

This is a 5 x 20mm fast-acting glass tube fuse. The GMA Series.

I actually hate these fuses and I wish Coleman used a more standard fuse you could purchase at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot or ever auto part stores. It is almost like they want you to purchase the fuses from them? LOL 🙂

I actually believe it was…. Home Depot who had them last time I needed one. But…. they only had 2-4. One time I had to rewire to another inline fuse. When you have a short it usually takes more then one fuse to find the problem! LOL 🙂

Quiz…. Plus testing a function


One of my functions was not working and I wanted to see if the wire to the equipment room worked.

If your good you can tell for sure what timer I am NOT using.  🙂  Hint I wouldn’t use an IDX timer.  Another hint…. It is not a trick…. It is not the vendor that produces both setups.

Are boilers full of gold so you can scrap them and make bank! Well full of pure solid copper…. like 300 pounds of copper? :)

Well…. My Raypak W-0514A-BCDRDBA was not made of solid gold or copper! Best thing it had was 4 large asbestos sheets. The unit is so basic it is ridiculousness. All a boiler consists of is sheet metal, asbestos sheets, a heavy cast iron water exchange thing, copper coil things and a gas grill. Should cost $250! Well the asbestos exhaust tubes are expensive.

I also wouldn’t get all excited and expect huge payouts at the scrap yard either…. when you heard about the copper heat exchange tube (part# Raypak 002381F or a bundle 002369F). It wouldn’t scrap for crap unless it was gold. But I haven’t touched or weighed them. But one tube new sells for $222 and a bundle sells for $2,118….. interesting. I need to start building boilers! 🙂

kleen-ritecorp.com sells Banner Emitters and Receivers


Did you know that Kleen-Rite Corp sells Banner Engineering Emitters and Receivers?   They are used on the Water Wizard as the front (treadle) and the back (entry, undercarriage).  These eyes are in pairs with one receiver and a super duper laser emitter.  The Banner emitter is the SM306EQ and the receiver is the SM30SN6RQ.

Kleen-Rite sells the SM306EQ for:  $84.38

Kleen-Rite sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $91.13

Did you know that Banner Engineering sells Emitters and Receivers also?  They can be purchased from the manufacturers website at bannerengineering.com?  Weird it is actually cheaper.

bannerengineering.com sells the SM306EQ for:  $75.00

bannerengineering.com sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $81.00

If Jim Coleman only posted there prices…..  🙂

I Know High Quality!


When I want high quality tools there is only one place to go….. Dollar Tree!  I want to make a new face plate for my Hamilton ACW-5 because I don’t want to give any more of my money to Hamilton.  So I purchased the fine tape measure today.  I love the Warning “Always wear protective which complies with current ansi standards”.  WHY?

Hamilton AutoCashier ACW-5


Do you know when you get the “Unexpected Coin Drop” error randomly that the Hamilton techs tell you to unplug the wire harness from the coin dispenser and plug it back in a couple times?

I also called Randy Nix who is a Hamilton rep and he told me that there was crap on the counter switch and that was the problem.

Guess which one was correct?  You know I really like Hamilton changers and I for some reason really want to like this acw-5.  But it is a true POS.  (and I don’t mean “Point of Sale”)……  I also hate Hamilton support.  I really believe that at least 1/2 the time they give you the wrong advice.  I know for a fact that one jerk told me to purchase the main wire harness (cost me around $100 and takes about 1-2 hours to install) then Heidi another tech said there was no way that was the problem.  Oh and if you have a problem she is the person to talk to.