Are boilers full of gold so you can scrap them and make bank! Well full of pure solid copper…. like 300 pounds of copper? :)

Well…. My Raypak W-0514A-BCDRDBA was not made of solid gold or copper! Best thing it had was 4 large asbestos sheets. The unit is so basic it is ridiculousness. All a boiler consists of is sheet metal, asbestos sheets, a heavy cast iron water exchange thing, copper coil things and a gas grill. Should cost $250! Well the asbestos exhaust tubes are expensive.

I also wouldn’t get all excited and expect huge payouts at the scrap yard either…. when you heard about the copper heat exchange tube (part# Raypak 002381F or a bundle 002369F). It wouldn’t scrap for crap unless it was gold. But I haven’t touched or weighed them. But one tube new sells for $222 and a bundle sells for $2,118….. interesting. I need to start building boilers! 🙂