C-2000 Hamilton changer controller – Update


Randy told me to check out my Cycle Inhibit Adapter harnesses, which was the problem.  It has a short in the wires that are not wrapped.  I am just going to replace the harness.  But it was really weird that the changer had the same error yesterday 3 times in a row.  Then today it worked for 10-12 bills until I touched the harness; then I could make it turn on and off by touching the wires.  Great feature!

Mildly funny bunper sticker?


“Custer Was Sioux’d”.  I would not put it on the paint of my car (or on my car) but it was mildly funny.  When I walked into the convenience store I was wondering which employee owned the car.  I believe I figured it out.  It was the woman that had the Native American magazine (the only time I leave my camera in the car).

C-2000 Hamilton changer controller


I purchased an extra c2000 Hamilton controller.  I have always wanted an extra controller but I also want an extra Mars bill acceptor.  I was testing out the new controller and it had a weird problem.  It seems to shut down if you put in 3-4 bills in less than 30 seconds and then it restarts after 5 minutes.  It did this 3 times in a row and I will email Randy and see what the problem could be.

Does Barjan LLC sell sticky congealed rotten food?


This was absolutely disgusting.  This smelled so bad and it might have been dead animals?  There were flies all over the place and it looks like the person used rubber gloves to get it out of their truck.  It was also heavy and I almost dropped the box when putting it in the dumpster.  It was scary.

Fragramatics Vacuum problem


I hate working on these Fragramatics vacuums.  The vacuums have 6 special screws to unlock the top and everything is just so crammed in there.  One of the vacuum motors was not working so I had to remove the motor to check the brushes.  The brushes were fine but a fuse was blown.  I will check the fuse first next time.  Even though 2 out of the 3 motors worked, you can still tell there is a problem.