What! D/H doesn’t make there own vending machine? LOL :)

Apparently the Dilling Harris Max Vend II was made by Automatic Products International? The Automatic “C” Series? I have no clue! I’m not starting rumors…. I just found the manual in the pos vendor years ago. 🙂

I just picked up a broken Dilling and Harris Vend-Master no the Vend-Master II! Or the master of vending? Apparently it’s a Seaga maybe? I haven’t researched it very much. I have to say this is the worse designed controller display ever….. it is protected by the clear sticker? What is this an inside unit? What a joke.

I plan on installing a lexan cover for the control board. Should be fine then…. Then I will sell it to you. 🙂

Some claim these people make the Vend-Master II? I believe they might just make the stainless housing?
Raddatz Product Development Corp. http://www.rpdvending.com/

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  1. I just want to thank you for posting this. I have been searching for the dang manual for about 1 hour now, and would never have found it if you hadn’t posted!!!!!


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