What! D/H doesn’t make there own vending machine? LOL :)

Apparently the Dilling Harris Max Vend II was made by Automatic Products International? The Automatic “C” Series? I have no clue! I’m not starting rumors…. I just found the manual in the pos vendor years ago. ūüôā

I just picked up a broken Dilling and Harris Vend-Master no the Vend-Master II! Or the master of vending? Apparently it’s a Seaga maybe? I haven’t researched it very much. I have to say this is the worse designed controller display ever….. it is protected by the clear sticker? What is this an inside unit? What a joke.

I plan on installing a lexan cover for the control board. Should be fine then…. Then I will sell it to you. ūüôā

Some claim these people make the Vend-Master II? I believe they might just make the stainless housing?
Raddatz Product Development Corp. http://www.rpdvending.com/

More Rowe parts and a broken vendor!


Greg picked up some stuff from Marcus to give to me.  Marcus gave me all his extra Rowe parts and his broken Vendor.  (The vendor had a blown board and vendor does not support it anymore.)  Thanks again Marcus and Greg for all the great stuff.  Also thanks Greg for your large swing cushion.

(Marcus is the Vice President of SECWA and I also saw him at the SECWA meeting this year.)

Hunter’s Creek Auto Wash / aka Car Wash

My GPS said “Gatorland Carwash” at¬†14513 Gatorland Drive, Orlando, FL. but the name does not really matter.


First picture is the front view and the second picture it from the entry road next to a Flex-Serve.



Front view: I like the glass block and the road sign.



Vending:¬† I like the “Suggestions” box and it is interesting that they replaced the Dilling & Harris Vend-Master product door.¬† They replaced the plastic with metal.


Back view:  First picture show painted arrows on the ground which is a good idea.  I just doubt it would help.



Bay:  Some interesting notes are the crappy foam brushes and the garbage can in every bay.  I love the large timer conversion.


Automatic:  PDQ Laser 4000 had an interesting purge setup in the automatic.  Not really sure what or why it was purging though.


Vacuums:  They has some weird vandalism problems?  I actually had someone steal my gun off my Fragramatics fragrance vacuum before.  They unscrewed the gun and took it.

Hueytown Police Department called


Nothing is better then getting a call from the Police department at 7:00 in the morning. I loved the Police operators comments when I asked what the problem was. She said “I think something is wrong with the building”, What? Of course she really did not know what the problem was, but I came up with some situations when I was driving there. It ended up that I forgot to lock my Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II. Nothing happened, which is good, they just pulled at the machine.


Another crime happened in Wylam. I need to talk to the Birmingham Police about this crime. Someone tried to just use a random key to open my dumpster? Why would you think this would work? It is not even an Abus key, if it was I believe Abus sells about 2 different keyed locks though.