Hunter’s Creek Auto Wash / aka Car Wash

My GPS said “Gatorland Carwash” at 14513 Gatorland Drive, Orlando, FL. but the name does not really matter.


First picture is the front view and the second picture it from the entry road next to a Flex-Serve.



Front view: I like the glass block and the road sign.



Vending:  I like the “Suggestions” box and it is interesting that they replaced the Dilling & Harris Vend-Master product door.  They replaced the plastic with metal.


Back view:  First picture show painted arrows on the ground which is a good idea.  I just doubt it would help.



Bay:  Some interesting notes are the crappy foam brushes and the garbage can in every bay.  I love the large timer conversion.


Automatic:  PDQ Laser 4000 had an interesting purge setup in the automatic.  Not really sure what or why it was purging though.


Vacuums:  They has some weird vandalism problems?  I actually had someone steal my gun off my Fragramatics fragrance vacuum before.  They unscrewed the gun and took it.

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  1. The water running down the wall there is the reclaim water from the Ryko US2001 OHD (no, it’s not a pdq). Basically, there’s a closed pit system under the bay, which doesn’t really drain to anywhere. The reclaim unit picks up water from the bottom of the pit and recirculates it through some kind of filters (?) before returning it to the bay.

    Usually, it just kinda comes dumping out of a plastic hose. This one’s more elegant.

    The dryer is a newer Ryko Thrust Pro. Their system works better overall… high impact vs. high pressure, and a dryer that actually works.

    High impact is fun… basically, it’s like 400psi @ 60 gpm, as opposed to 1000(?) at a lower volume of water. Had you used that wash, you’d get to see the most impressive rinse cycle ever. FOOSH! The weird crown looking figure formed by the water striking the car is enormous compared to that you get from a Laser.

    Here’s what it looks like from inside the car.

    That tri-color foaming wax is fun. I’ve got some of it at home that I’ve applied by hand with a foaming gun.. it actually works pretty well, and does contain carnauba wax.

    I liked your post on testing various other substances in the foaming brush. Of the substances I’ve played with so far, Ryko’s Action Shine detergent has given me the nicest suds and cleaning action.

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