Someone Purchased the Old Carwash in Fairfield


I really liked this carwash and I have posted pictures in the past. ¬†I even called the owner of the wash and he actually talked me out of it, which is interesting. ¬†The Fairfield wash location always looked like a good safe location. ¬†But I drove by today and it looks like someone might have been killed in the yard of the abandoned house behind the wash? ¬†Or maybe not? ¬†I’m not going to start any rumors!

I HATE AT&T and I am NOT Kidding!


Okay I already made my proclamation about my hatred for AT&T.  Now I should give you a reason I guess?  It is very short and easy to fix.

I have a¬†commercial phone line because that is really the only way (I guess) I can get credit cards cleared. ¬†So I pay AT&T $63.94 for their great “commercial” service. ¬†It is so much better then my home service…….. ¬†Wait I got rid of them, I forgot. ¬†So I have had no problem with my phone I get over charged for “commercial” services like any “good” company would do.

BUT WHY AT&T DO YOU HAVE TO SELL MY ADDRESS TO EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH!!!! ¬†I haven’t got any mail at my carwash for 5 year now I get mail all the time as soon as I got a phone line. ¬†Oh and it is all just crap and they all know I am a business. ¬†I wonder how that happened? ¬†Weird. ¬†My monthly payment should actually be cheaper then a “home” line because my address is¬†apparently worth money. ¬†I don’t see a credit on my bill for¬†receiving¬†bulk / junk mail.

So what I think I should do is post my address so everyone can enter the address into their bulk / sucker address list!

Here it is.   You can mail anything that slips under the door:  ES Car Wash, 271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

If you want to send good stuff like cash and gifts try my po box at:  Eric Wilson, PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

Dumping Lots of Bags


Someone¬†mistakened¬†¬†my carwash for the dump and decided to dump 5-6 bags of household crap. ¬†I couldn’t find any mail or anything which makes me sad. ¬†I quit after I saw what is in the second picture. ¬†There was also lots of¬†wadded¬†up toilet paper in the bag…….. I really didn’t want to see pieces of Playguy’s May 2000 issue “18 year-old Butt-Muffin Spreads it for Dough”!

Professional Carwashing & Detailing – Spam/Email?


I just got a spam¬†email from Professional Carwashing & Detailing about Jim Coleman’s “Hot New Look!” and by the email it hints that maybe Jim is changing their color sceme? ¬†Does Jim Coleman really want to keep up with the “lastest color tends for your carwash”? ¬†I hope so I really like Jim Coleman stuff but that teal color or the Lamborghini? Come on!

The product they were promoting in the email was also interesting:   a vacuum and air machine, which is a great idea.  Not really sure why it needs 2 coin acceptors though?  But the sticker is better!

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


These pictures show the beautiful Birmingham Alabama International Airport. ¬†Do flights even go international directly from Birmingham? ¬†Or by¬†international do they mean around our nation? ¬†So it should be Birmingham National Airport? ¬†I don’t know¬†but I do know that¬†I have a direct flight to Las Vegas, which is¬†awesome!

Garbage Bag Love?


I really love garbage bags because you can put all your garbage from around your house in one bag.  Then you take this disposable bag and give it to the garbage engineer (aka Рgarbage man) and he brings it to the land fill.  At no point in this cycle is there a trip to the car wash!

Jim Coleman Timer Problem


Okay so the timer was already in bad shape with the display knocked out but it still worked.  When I drove up today to the carwash the high pressure water was running and the timer was giving out free carwashes!  So I had to disconnect the timer and I am down one bay until tomorrow.  I need to replace the Jim Coleman timer with a D&S timer.

Someone Stole My Vacuum!


The worst feeling is driving up to the carwash and everything looks fine then all of a sudden you notice…….. you are missing a VACUUM!¬† Well I had to call the Police and talk to them, which is fun.¬† But when I started to dump some garbage I thought my luck was turning around.


I found the vacuum on my lot behind my dumpster.¬† I was surprise how they got the money out.¬†¬†But¬†what¬†was really surprising was the damage they inflicted on the vacuum.¬† The vacuum is totaled, at least that is what I would say.¬† It is amazing what they did to it.¬† It really makes me mad….¬† and they probably will come back, which is worse!