$7.00 Really?!


I hate when people call and say “bay 3 stole my quarters and would not give me any time, I put in $7.00.”  What?!  You drive to the carwash and bay 3 works fine.  But the underlining point is why would someone put in $7.00 when the machine starts at $1.50 and you get 20 minutes for $4.00?

Water Wizard Preparation – Water pressure fix


Greg came by the carwash today to help us troubleshoot my water pressure problem.  His idea was to get a water pressure gauge and see what the water pressure is before the regulator (hose bib) and before the Water Wizard hydrominder.  It ended up that I was getting 90 psi before the regulator and 40 psi before the hydrominder.  Then we decided to remove a large inline filter and the pressure jumped to 60 psi.  This jump in water pressure to 60 psi with the 1″ water line allowed me enough water to keep up with the high pressure functions.

Nothing exciting today


Nothing exciting today at the car wash but my sister sent in a story and a photo that I thought was interesting.

The first picture demonstrates why you need a safety lock for your windows in your car.  Anderson (my nephew) rolled down his window while the triple foam was going off in a carwash, getting triple foam all over himself.

The second picture is Wilson (another nephew) with a new hair cut.  My sister let him get a Mohawk and he loves it.  He looks super cool.

Standard replacement?


I was checking out my Dad’s Standard changer install today.  (He took the changer out of his Moody carwash.)  It replaced an equally worn Rowe changer like the changer in the right picture.  He gave me his spare Rowe BC-200 changer so now I have 5 Rowe changers!  Yea!  I need to sell one to Greg.

Water Wizard Preparation – Asphalt


My concrete bay at the carwash is a little short (30 feet) and I need to make some concrete footers for the entry gate.  I need to cut the asphalt then dig it up to pour the concrete footers (3 feet from the concrete bay).  I am not really sure how to do this but I purchased a DeWalt XP Diamond blade (DW4701) for my grinder.  My plan is to cut the asphalt with the grinder then pick axe and shovel the asphalt out?