Water Wizard Preparation – Asphalt


My concrete bay at the carwash is a little short (30 feet) and I need to make some concrete footers for the entry gate.  I need to cut the asphalt then dig it up to pour the concrete footers (3 feet from the concrete bay).  I am not really sure how to do this but I purchased a DeWalt XP Diamond blade (DW4701) for my grinder.  My plan is to cut the asphalt with the grinder then pick axe and shovel the asphalt out?

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  1. i would keep the blade nice and wet, dust storm FTL, if it’s not too terrible deep asphalt i would use my boschhammer on hammer with a wide ass chisel bit

  2. Water will definitely keep the dust to a minnimum and make the blade last longer, but make sure you plug the grinder into a GFCI, ’cause it’s gonna get wet. You should really hire a pro for this job, though.

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