kleen-ritecorp.com sells Banner Emitters and Receivers


Did you know that Kleen-Rite Corp sells Banner Engineering Emitters and Receivers?   They are used on the Water Wizard as the front (treadle) and the back (entry, undercarriage).  These eyes are in pairs with one receiver and a super duper laser emitter.  The Banner emitter is the SM306EQ and the receiver is the SM30SN6RQ.

Kleen-Rite sells the SM306EQ for:  $84.38

Kleen-Rite sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $91.13

Did you know that Banner Engineering sells Emitters and Receivers also?  They can be purchased from the manufacturers website at bannerengineering.com?  Weird it is actually cheaper.

bannerengineering.com sells the SM306EQ for:  $75.00

bannerengineering.com sells the SM30SN6RQ for:  $81.00

If Jim Coleman only posted there prices…..  🙂

Water Wizard Leak!


There was a leak I just could not find.  I would fix a little leak and then the floor would still be wet.  It was driving me crazy, but in retrospect you should be able to look at the first picture and realize what the problem is.


The high pressure hose is sitting on the large electric motor for the Water Wizard.  So the top of the hose was not leaking and the bottom half was wet and has a small drip.  But when the motor cuts on or you move the hose away from the motor the leak looked pretty bad.

The high pressure hose is 4 feet long by the way.

Water Wizard Problem “ Update


Well I finally took off the check valve like Mep1 told me to and I am going to see what the ramifications are going to be.  Greg told me that the system is supposed to have a check valve and for the air to blow down (for cold weather).  The problem could be that the system will allow air to travel into the holding tank?  Who knows but I bet this is going to fix my problem.

(The problem is the pre-soak occasionally does not work out on the gantry.  The outgoing hose builds up pressure which does not allow the pump to pump out liquid.)

Water Wizard Problem


The presoak did not work again and there was pressure built up on the outgoing side of the check valve so the check valve could not open.  I just took the hose off to remove the pressure.  I am not really sure what the problem is so I will need to look at it again tomorrow.

Water Wizard Problem – Update


Well I had the same problem today.  The presoak did not work and the pressure built up on the outgoing side of the check valve so the check valve could not open.  This time I called Greg for a little help.  I adjusted the air regulators (there are 2 air regulators one for the sides and one for the top).  I let the unit pump presoak for about 15 minutes and ran the gantry back and forth down the track to try and replicate the problem.  Greg believes that there is a kink in the presoak hose somewhere in the system.

The Procom pump is running at 75 psi and the pressure at the gantry is 50 psi, the air is set at 35 psi.