Water Wizard Problem


My Jim Coleman Water Wizard stopped delivering presoak!  (I only run one presoak and the system is closed to high pressure but does use air.)  The problem I am having is I am getting pressure buildup on the outward side of the check valve which does not allow the valve to open.  What does not make any sense is how the pressure builds up.  I ran the presoak function for about 10 minutes and it worked fine.  Ran a couple cars through still no problem.  It just quits working whenever it feels like it!

A Clean Car is a Happy Car! – Problem


My “A Clean Car is a Happy Car!” was blinking on and off nonstop for no reason.  I checked the eyes and there was no transmitting beam so the problem was with the Banner eye.  I was going to swap it with the under carriage eye when I figured out that the wires had just cracked out of the wire nut, which was very weird but good because the eye was not bad.  So I attached the wires and everything was okay!

Procon pump problem? – Update


I got my temporary Procon pump from my Dad today.  I have never replaced a Procon pump but William said it is easy, which it was.


You just have to remove the old pump.  Mine is a clamp style because it is clamped on like the second picture shows.  The other type is flange type.


Then you put the “magic piece” (second picture) which make everthing work in the motor, line it up with the pump, tighten the clamp on the pump and motor, install all the hoses back correctly and test.  Done!

Telco Magic Box problem


I had my first paying customers that I have seen today but the only problem was the Water Wizard did not work right.  The gantry boom would not go down during the wash and the wash would stop before the triple foam function.


About the problem:  The Telco PA11B303T “magic box” works with the transmitting and receiving safety eyes located on the gantry and the cans on the front of the gantry.  When the gantry safety eyes do not read a car the unit will not drop the boom, which was my problem.  But the real problem was my Telco magic box when I switched the boxes the signal indicators were not lit and would follow the box.  So I am going to over night a new magic box to get my automatic to work again.

Problem with the undercarriage


I am having a problem with my undercarriage staying on for only 6 seconds when it should stay on for 30 seconds.  So the culprits are the entry banner eyes, what is weird is the eyes are giving 2 pulses when the eyes are blocked once.  I swapped the eyes with the front treadle eyes and the undercarriage worked perfectly.


The Water Wizard uses the same Banner eyes for the front (treadle) and the back (entry, undercarriage).  These eyes are in pairs with one receiver and a super duper laser emitter.  The Banner emitter is the SM306EQ and the receiver is the SM30SN6RQ.