So I was explaining the NFL QB rule to my Wife….

I have heard nonstop Tom Brady the GOAT…. Okay I get it lots of rings usually proves something! This is exactly why I wear 10 rings! LOL 🙂

But while my Wife was even telling me how great Tom Brady was…. I asked with a disclaimer because I do not know Tom.

“I really have no clue how great he is…. But no one is allowed to hit the Quarterback anymore. This should play a role…. Even with all his wins maybe someone that actually got hit is better?

Seriously why does no one mention the Roughing the Passer Rule? How could this not effect the best Quarterback ever debate? Seriously no joke…. A 65 year old can be the QB. Sure he would be diving a Corvette but still. 🙂 Only hugs can stop the play right or did I seriously miss something. LOL 🙂,the%20rule%20book%20since%201938.

RULE: You can not lead with your helmet to contact the passer, hit the head or neck area, or the knee area or below…. Only lovable hugs!

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I only watch and coach little league now (under 10). I have not watched the NFL in years and did not offer a QB or really care. But in little league where there are missive weight and strength differences. Little kids hit each other and the parents have to pay the league to play! LOL 🙂