The “Kitchen Sink” Vacuum Approach


FragraMatics “Kitchen Sink” vacuum.  This thing has everything!  Dollar bills, credit cards, vacuum, shampooer, fragrance everything!  Could you imagine untangling all this stuff everyday?

I love the way the FragraMatics vacuums looks, I think they look the best by far.  But they are really hard to work on compared to the  Jim Coleman vacuums.  But I could only imagine working on this bad boy.  My guess is everything is under the vacuum top!  🙂  (A little FragraMatics humor?)

Formal Complaint to the Peabody Orlando and Peabody Corporate!


I want to file a Formal Complaint to the Peabody Orlando and Peabody Corporate!  I find it appalling (appalling I say!) that I am forced to support a “greener world”!  If I wanted to be forced to purchase bottled water, I would want coal boiled water from the tap that was individually delivered via gas lawn mower to the Hotel.  I felt dirty drinking this green water stuff.

I Really Hope Judge Dan King Did NOT get Reelected!


Well today some monkey lick dumped a Judge Dan King’s campaign sign at my car wash.  I noticed it in front of the evil Union place next door and went to talk to them.  They said they didn’t do it… what a surprise.  But when I walked over to my lot someone came out of the evil Union place and said that they called their big Union boss and he “wanted it”.  So they put it behind their secure gate.  Which is good!  Who says Unions are all evil?  Well aren’t they?