Has someone tried to scam you on craigslist.org yet?


All I was trying to do is sell my Apple iPod Touch on craigslist.org instead of using ebay.com.  Back to the scam: someone with a email address like [email protected] will email you and ask if you still have the item.  Then you say “yes” then he says “I will give you $350 for the $250 ipod touch”.  Then he wants your paypal.com account. Next he will use a stolen bank account to give you the $350 through paypal.com.  By the time the item is shiped, paypal.com will figue out it was a bad bank account and take the money back.  You have been scammed.  As a general rule just do not sell anything to a guy named George Henry who lives at: No 12 omoakinjobi Street Off Odo Oba Elere, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria, 23402.

If you want to read the full emails check out my craigslist.org email page here:


iwash ICA booth


I really like the iwash and took a couple pictures of their pumping station and their residential version?  It would work perfectly next to your mailbox at your house.


Have you ever wondered what the automatic kleen-rite was selling looked like?  Well I did, it always seems to be the page I open to.  It is a Hydrospray Cobra and the little thing in the last picture is a Rainmaker.  Which seems like half a Cobra?


I hope the Hydrospay Rainmaker is better then the movie.

IDX Coin acceptor problem


My IDX coin acceptor got jammed then someone beat on it until the timer lost power.  After I cleared the jam I noticed the IDX acceptor was giving me the red / green lights of death.  I tried resetting but no luck.

I have a picture of an UFO drone / flying fish!

“Buff-It Car Wash” or “$5 Exterior Ride Thru Wash”


While at the ICA show I wanted to check out a couple car washes in the area.  I decided to go to the Gatorland Carwash at 14513 Gatorland Drive, Orlando, FL.  My first picture of the car wash/oil change next door had a UFO drone in it.  The next picture I took did not have the UFO in it, which is proof it was an actual UFO!

Also, in the first picture, besides the UFO, is a sign “irrigated with reclaimed water, do not drink”.  There must have been a problem with people drinking water in the median of the road?

Well, this location was a full service wash & detail, an oil change and an express exterior wash blow dry place.

Can a fuse be swapped with a breaker?


I had a Fragramatics vacuum blow its fuse (FNM-30), which is a time delay.  I know that the Coleman vacuums use a breaker (not sure what kind) and not a fuse.  So my question would be: could I just swap them out?  I do realize that the breaker will not fit in the fuse holder (I did have that shape discovery toy as a child).


Erie brush vacuum hoses


I purchased this 50 foot long vacuum hose from Erie Brush at the ICA show.  I like the multi-colors and the inside wall is a lot smoother.  It will be interesting to see how well it last.

By the way, do you want to see the worst web site in the car wash industry?  Well check out Erie Brush’s site:  http://www.eriebrush.com/  This web site makes me want to start web developing again and do pro bono work.