Has someone tried to scam you on craigslist.org yet?


All I was trying to do is sell my Apple iPod Touch on craigslist.org instead of using ebay.com.  Back to the scam: someone with a email address like [email protected] will email you and ask if you still have the item.  Then you say “yes” then he says “I will give you $350 for the $250 ipod touch”.  Then he wants your paypal.com account. Next he will use a stolen bank account to give you the $350 through paypal.com.  By the time the item is shiped, paypal.com will figue out it was a bad bank account and take the money back.  You have been scammed.  As a general rule just do not sell anything to a guy named George Henry who lives at: No 12 omoakinjobi Street Off Odo Oba Elere, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria, 23402.

If you want to read the full emails check out my craigslist.org email page here:


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