Yummy Angus Freezer Burned Hamburgers! :)


When you look in your deep freezer and see an item you did not realize you purchased….. Maybe it is time to clean out your deep freezer? LOL ūüôā

It actually caught me off gaurd (I forgot what year it was I guess?)…. I said “it is only a year old…. it is not that bad”. Then my wife said “it says 2014!” Then it hit me! ūüôā

So did the ICA Website get Worse?

So has the ICA website gotten worse? I thought that the ICA website use to have Carwash information on it?  So how are bad Consultants going to get information now? ūüôā  All the website has now is just information on the upcoming events. Like shooting birds. ūüôā

Has anyone attempted to replace the battery in a GinSan GS-400? Looks easy?

Basically I took it apart to the board.
Now I ordered the batteries and we will see? ¬†Technically the measurement is 3.8mm…. ¬†I believe. ¬†But I did not have my good caliper. ¬†Plus I believe in the close enough measurement system. ¬†LOL ūüôā

GinSan charges $40 a timer plus shipping both ways. ¬†Not having the batteries makes all the relevant features unusable but the basic timer functions work fine. ¬†This battery basically make the clock work. ¬†(I always wondered if¬†that was the problem with Dixmor LED3 timers not working (they have an¬†aa size¬†panasonic battery in them)…. but never looked into the problem.) ¬†So why no¬†battery holder? ¬†So customers can swap out the battery…. that is how computer motherboards are constructed?

One last thing…. I know the newer version of this timer has remote control capabilities. ¬†But this timer is new enough that not having that feature is ridiculous. ¬†Just saying…. the other features are way more advanced than all other¬†timers…. that I have used.

ICA SUPPORTS SHOOTING GUNS! Gun Rights, the Second Amendment and also Killing Birds! It seems?


Good Job…. ¬†I was shocked also! ¬†What the¬†International Carwash Association supports!¬†¬†But I might be reading too much into their shooting field trip?¬† It has a picture of people with guns and birds and states….¬†¬†“Two plantation style quail hunts, with guides and dogs.” ¬†“Ammunition, extra birds, bird cleaning, transport coolers” ¬†If I am wrong let me know?

Plantation style quail hunts?¬† What does that even mean….¬†¬†No drive by style bird shooting from a golf cart? ¬†Not for ME! ¬†So¬†what does “extra birds” even mean? ¬†Why would you want 1? ¬†There is this magical place called a grocery store. ūüôā¬†¬†Plus “bird cleaning”…. I have cleaned bird poop off my car? ¬†I would pay someone $.90 to do it for me!¬† I think they are referring to something else though? ¬†ūüôā

Hamilton ER-60 Parts?


I believe this is for a Hamilton ER-60? I am not positive and now I do not remember.

Anyway…. I have some stackers if you stack important things…. Like money. LOL ūüôā


It looks like I found 1 harness¬†and¬†2 power supplies…. A Hamilton bill acceptor holder and heater. Also the¬†2¬†small hoppers are HSH-A or 11-0101¬†coin hopper? Also¬†another is a HSH-G coin hopper. The large hoppers are HSH-Q or 11-0100¬†hoppers I believe?

HSH-A¬†11-0101 is for an ACW4, ACW5, Hamilton Gold Line and Hamilton Gold Line Plus…. ¬†Assuming the part number is really 11-0101 for the HSH-A (I forgot to look on the back of the hoppers! ¬†ūüôā )

Just a note:  The hopper for a Hamilton ER-60 is a HSH-60Q  11-0103

Isn’t the Hamilton Gold Line PLus just a Gold Line with a silly small graphic display? ¬†I mean awesome…. sorry! ¬†Take that Unitec! ¬†LOL ūüôā

Dixmor LED 6S timer multifunction for a vacuum and a bay


New in bag…. Wrapping paper. ¬†I had to test it before I am going to sell it though.


Is there such a thing as a to bright Coleman timer? ¬†No way! ¬†Is there such a thing as a to bright Dixmor LED 6S? ¬†You may think so…. But in RL it is really nice.

UPDATE 4/18/2016: SOLD…. if you do not have one of these timers you should purchase one. They are very nice.

D/H Dilling-Harris Max-Vend II glass (plastic) front Vending Machine


This is actually not a DEE vendor…. it is a D/H vendor. ¬†ūüôā ¬†(Sticker…. bad joke?)

Plugged in vending machine and it turned on…. all buttons worked. ¬†I was told this vendor worked when it was removed also. ¬†The location is¬†being redeveloped as an express car wash…. Boring! ¬†LOL ūüôā

If you need more…. I actually have 2 more for sale. ¬†LOL ūüôā


Autec AES-100 Shine Express Soft Touch Polisher for your Express Wash?

AES-100 Polisher
Well apparently Autec sells a version of the Broadway Buff-N Shine Polisher. ¬†Like I have said before I think this machine is really great…. also a great add on service. ¬†Someone that owns this Autec machine and the Broadway said the Autec is built better¬†though?¬† The Broadway unit hasn’t been changed since 1978 also apparently…. Which could be good or bad? Honestly what has? Just adding digital timers…. I am talking about the entire industry also. You get my basic point. ūüôā Also he said Broadway service really is out of Minnesota. ¬†But the unit is basic…. both units. ¬†The units are geared toward dealerships also.

The funny part…. apparently this Autec machine cost 50k installed. ¬†(Also depending on who you know you could get a¬†substantial discount also.) ¬†But when you automate high pressure water and a couple solenoids it cost twice as much? ¬†R&D does cost money in other¬†cases…. also the bag of parts is probably scary low on these units. ¬†But welders and sales people have to eat also! ¬†ūüôā

I found the only thing worse than a single use vac at an express car wash….

I found the only thing worse than a single use vac at an express car wash…. elevated single use vacs at an express car wash! ¬†LOL ūüôā

vacuum stall

There seems to be a big push everywhere for single use vacs at an express? ¬†Why? ¬†The excuse I always hear from operators is money…. ¬† But¬†if money is the problem…. PURCHASE USED VACS?¬† But you want¬†a¬†good central¬†vac system.¬† Also does anyone seriously charge for their vacs at an express? ¬†Would that not make you a self serve with a tunnel then? ¬†(I have seen that also.) ¬†Look at a real companies ad or website like Sonny’s they can help more. ¬†They did “invent” or introduce the express wash industry. ¬†Also seriously do not purchase individual vacs…. you have other things to maintain.

Other people have cited this article to death….¬†Choosing the Right Vacuum System Regardless of the type of wash facility @¬†www.carwashmag.com 01/01/16¬†by: David H. VanGorder ¬†Doyle Vacuum Systems LLC. www.doylevacuum.com

When reading the article just remember….¬†the article¬†is¬†based off of this statement: ¬†“when I came into the car wash industry about 15 years ago, I remember talking to operators”.

Questions not answered:
Should I¬†control access to my¬†tunnel or just my vacs?¬† ūüôā
I have never seen anyone¬†giving away anything for “free”? ¬†There is always a catch…. in this case $5-$20! ¬†LOL ūüôā