I hate cash!


At this pncbank branch (hover common 772 they have a bill counter…..) (I goto another branch that doesn’t and they are much faster) The same old guy with black hair that runs the drive through always gets my deposit.  Wow! He is so slow and half is on purpose. You could count the money by throwing it on the floor first and beat him.

I do still hate cash and it actually took longer for the deposit because he had to get mad and show everyone?  Plus I had to think about timing him.  🙂 Last time he shorted me $50 and “found it” at the end of the day.

Simpson 3/8-Inch x 50-Foot x 4,500 PSI Dual Braid Hose


Okay I guess I found these pictures also…. 🙂 Now I understand that everyone doesn’t use quick release fitting…. but I really like them. This product also comes with them! They also haven’t caused me any trouble YET! So that would add at least $10-15 value I believe? I have purchased five of this product and it seems like a great product? I have also purchase a couple “used” ones from amazon? I guess people with karcher pressure washes purchased them? 🙂 Well $50 and free shipping for a Simpson MH5038QC High Pressure Hoseseems like a pretty good deal?

BTW: The first one I purchased was in March 2013 and I am still using it.

Best Dixmor Remote EVER?!!!!!


I have been testing out this Sony RM-KZ1 remote and I have to say…. IT IS THE BEST EVER! So what it is for a little baby…. think who your giving the remote to. 🙂 It has super great features! You can program the buttons to whatever number you want them to be? Not sure if that is cool? You can program each selection for 2 numbers! I did this…. cool because I really hate pushing extra buttons. LOL 🙂 But the best feature is…. wait for it! You can disable the volume control!!!! This is actually something Dixmor dropped the ball on. Dixmor should have 2 codes I believe…. one for smart people and one for dumb people. I had a cleanup person actually change the code for me! But they somehow remembered the code? Weird? I am telling you…. If you use Dixmor timers and a remote…. try this Sony remote out! It is really great…. I think it also has extra ir emitters on the remote? But it works a lot better then the Dixmor remote and works out of the box.

BTW I use the remote on Dixmor LED 7 timers.