Kleen-Rite Corp Seminar and Expo


I got my packet for the Kleen-Rite Corp seminar and expo.  If Pennsylvania was not so far away I would go.  I really think that SECWA or other regional shows should watch out: the only thing this Kleen-Rite show doesn’t have is heavy equipment vendors (but the SECWA show just started having heavy equipment around 5 years ago).  The next step would be the exhibitors colluding to form their own show and ditching all the regional meetings.  But this seems like a great seminar / expo for self serve owners.  The seminars that they are having sound better then what the ICA show had.

SECWA meeting


I did get some swag from the secwa meeting.  I figured out I needed to check my insurance, stopped by Erie Brush, JBS said they would call me and save me some money and gave me a tshirt.  I got a free secwa journal and some pens.  I also talked to some people and purchased a changer from Jimmy Branch.

Pictures from the 2008 SECWA convention


Check out my 2 picture pages at: PAGE1 PAGE2

I would just like to say I have been going to the SECWA show for over 10 years.

I was disapointed with the meeting but I guess it might be my fault.  I thought there would be over 400 booths and was so large it needed to be at the “Georgia International Convention Center”.  Instead it was a smaller then normal SECWA meeting with only “68 exibitors”.  It cost $20 for the exibit hall which was a little high at $.30 an exibitor?  While talking to the exibitors my favorate line was “What do you expect from a group with only 150 members?”.  It was fun talking to Jimmy Branch and Marcus and I collected some pens and a tshirt from JBS.

SECWA Convention?


Is anyone going to the secwa convention?  I imagine the gas prices will put a damper on the attendance.  I guess the show will start Monday and end on Tuesday?  For more information checkout secwa.com or you can save on gas and I will post some pictures (if I wake up on-time tomorrow)!