Car Wash on FIRE?


Looked like a full service down the street from where I live had a little fire?  4 Hoover Police suvs, 3 Fire trucks, 1 Fire suv and 1 Ambulance.

I believe it is Regal car wash on Lorna Road.

Classic Car Wash – Self Service – Full Service, Pell City

All E’s car wash sold out to Classic Car.  I was too lazy to drive in to take better pictures, but I did do a drive by.


Below are some old pictures of the car wash.  Want more pictures?  Click HERE.  This car wash is down the street from my Dad’s carwash.  Classic Carwash was giving away free washes last Friday and my Dad said that his business was actually up that day. Weird.

602 Martin St. S, Pell City, AL 35128

Update: Full service? 9th Avenue

I was driving past this full service wash and noticed they updated their sign.  Not really sure what the December 27, 2006 date is for.  The sign also seems more confusing?  The original post is here:


This is the entrence of the wash.  I guess when the place is open they move the truck?


This is what you see before you enter the “tunnel of doom”.


If you make it out of the tunnel this is their road sign.


These pictures were taken with my iphone not a Holga (sorry for the extremely bad photography joke).  The iphone can take good pictures then terrible pictures.

Washaroo fun in Dothan


I took a day off to go to my parents in law's house to help them move.  While on the way, I saw a Washaroo which was not in Dothan but on the way there at a Kangaroo gas station.  In Dothan, I did do a drive by at "Gentle Touch Auto Wash".