Classic Car Wash – Self Service – Full Service, Pell City

All E’s car wash sold out to Classic Car.  I was too lazy to drive in to take better pictures, but I did do a drive by.


Below are some old pictures of the car wash.  Want more pictures?  Click HERE.  This car wash is down the street from my Dad’s carwash.  Classic Carwash was giving away free washes last Friday and my Dad said that his business was actually up that day. Weird.

602 Martin St. S, Pell City, AL 35128

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  1. Hi terry this is angie. I’m still at sonic and me and scott are still together(barely). I was wonderin’ if you need help. I was detailing for Shaw’s but he don’t do things the way i like it. The people i work with are harder to handle than brandy (sorry brandy i still love you i ain’t mad at you . you’re the way you are for a reason). I haven’t been going out or getting in trouble or anything of the sort. I have seen quit a few of the customers whom i cleaned cars for at your shop and they had dirty vehicles, i asked them why it was so dirty and they told me that they haven’t been back to your shop because that sweet little girl doesn’t work there anymore. I should hear about working fulltime with Scott at fleetsafety soon but i really don’t want to spend that much time around him he can get annoying. It would be bad. I still live in talladega, same place i’ve always been. I got a new puppy his name is spike and i’m learning guitar! I’m excited about the guitar! Scott just got it for me a few days ago but i can almost play! well i hope to hear from you. my email is [email protected] and you can reach me at 205 629 2963 (scotts house) or 205 753 0775 if you get this today i’ll be at scotts house! Talk to ya soon i hope! xoxo, Angie

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