Regulator on spot free rinse is broken


The regulator on spot free rinse cracked and water was coming out. It was great. It seemed like everyone uses spot free rinse when you are trying to repair it.


I fixed it when it was in use check it out.  But when I was finished I just ran a hose not using a regulator.  Greg, said this is bad and this could make the pump work to hard so I will try and purchase a regulator tomorrow.

Hot water


Greg, also showed me how to turn hot water on for rinse and high pressure soap. By disconnecting the hot water cold water valve. Very easy when you understand how things work.

Boiler fixed


Greg, came out to my wash to explain what my problem was with my boiler. He also fixed my problem. The orange wire terminal was broken. So the boiler kept trying to light the pilot which explains the controller clicking.

Coin acceptor broken


Someone decided to try to unjam the coin acceptor for me. That was very nice except they broken it. Note in the second picture the metal guide (bottom left) that fits on the acceptor where the coin first comes in (top right).

Gun swivel leak


My high pressure gun swivel leaked just on high pressure. Which is usually the other way around only on low pressure. But Greg was saying that this could have been from a car pulling the gun or running it over.