Standard replacement?


I was checking out my Dad’s Standard changer install today.  (He took the changer out of his Moody carwash.)  It replaced an equally worn Rowe changer like the changer in the right picture.  He gave me his spare Rowe BC-200 changer so now I have 5 Rowe changers!  Yea!  I need to sell one to Greg.

New GV800 security computer setup


My Dad’s computer was totally screwed up:  it stinks (see first picture with the dogs) and is rusted and has corrosion on the motherboard.  So everything needed to go into the garbage can.


I selected a MSI P6NGM motherboard which has a built in Nvidia card.  This motherboard worked great and is really a neat little motherboard for the GeoVision GV800 card.  We will see how it works at the carwash.  But, I assume that this motherboard is not waterproof.  Yes, I reused the rusty case… it adds character.