International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


Fragramatics sells the largest vacuum in the WORLD!  Just what you need… a vacuum with everything on it.  Talk about everything being in a huge knot every time someone uses anything.  Just seems like a bad idea.  Couple that with the unit probably being hard to work on for repairs like the older models.  But I think they look the best in the business though, which is good except for the ugly flower.  Well I thought it was fine until Greg pointed it out to me now I hate the flower.


Just a large air compressor… that’s all.


This was an interesting product.  A basic J.E. Adams vacuum with a credit card reader, bill acceptor and coin acceptor.


A D/H Dilling-Harris self-serve bay in a vacuum stand!



This Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor caused a little more trouble today.  This is really annoying because it is very hard to check.  I would be nice if it just would not fall off.

Police called me last night!


Someone broke into my vendor last night and apparently the Police called Greg.  Then Greg gave the Police my phone number.  I was actually sleeping (1:30 am) with the phone in my pocket and did not hear them call twice somehow.

I just brought the broken piece of Plexiglas to Lowes so they could cut me a new one.  For the Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor I purchased a .220 thick piece of glass x 20 7/8 x 16 5/16 inches.

New package new problem?


I had a vending problem in my Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor.  The new ArmorAll Original package got stuck in the spindle.  I removed about 2/3 of the packages and I hope maybe that will help it?  I am using the same spindle as I previously used on the older 1/2 size packages.

More Rowe parts and a broken vendor!


Greg picked up some stuff from Marcus to give to me.  Marcus gave me all his extra Rowe parts and his broken Vendor.  (The vendor had a blown board and vendor does not support it anymore.)  Thanks again Marcus and Greg for all the great stuff.  Also thanks Greg for your large swing cushion.

(Marcus is the Vice President of SECWA and I also saw him at the SECWA meeting this year.)