Worse design ever? Powerain…. Are they even in business?




The Powerain Stratus 3000 has the whole pumping station on the gantry. Which I guess is fine if you have no room in your equipment room?

But the electrical junction box has all the three phase coming through HOLES on the top of the box. Not to mention there is a water holding tank within 2-3 inches of the electrical box.

Of course the fittings are metal and rusted and leaked….. Filling the electrical box bottom with water.   🙂  I don’t really know if non-matalic fittings would even matter?  I am surprised this machine didn’t blow all the electrical components….. or kill me!   🙂


Yeah…. and don’t stare at my glasses!  There broken….. did you know that Nike flexon frames are made of titanium?  I know who cares!  But you have to apparently have a fancy welder a normal jeweler doesn’t have to fix them.  The guy I talked to said he wouldn’t bother trying to fix them because the weld also breaks easily on glasses?  Great…. and my prescription is expired!

Apparently the water and electrical thing won’t kill you? At least it didn’t kill the first person that it electrocuted. 🙂 I warned them and sent them a picture…. Come on. 🙂

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