The 5 Dollar Express Car Wash – BBB ranking F BAHAHAHAHA! :)

The 5 Dollar Express Car Wash Business Review in Boaz  AL   North Alabama BBB


The 5 Dollar Express Car Wash
(256) 293-7673
2285 US Highway 431, Boaz, AL 35957-5976

Over just one complaint?
09/12/2012 Problems with Product / Service

I am not confirming or denying I know the owner of this place. 🙂 But as much as I think this is funny! It’s not really fair that 1 complaint can give you an F! But there “employees” probably throw away the letter from the bbb… or if the bbb even really tries to “contact the owner of the business”? I really think the bbb is about 75-90 percent scam anyway. 🙂 Still funny though.

2 Replies to “The 5 Dollar Express Car Wash – BBB ranking F BAHAHAHAHA! :)”

  1. The BBB should not be allowed to rate businesses the way they do. They consistently give businesses bad ratings based on a LACK of information, and they do it as a bully tactic to get people to pay and join.

  2. I know… I believe they are a “non-profit” which means nothing. But they make almost $200 million somehow from businesses that “join” I guess? I also think I read somewhere they got in trouble selling better scores… which would not be a shocker. 🙂

    Their system is flawed and actualy misleading and unless there goal is to blackmail companies into joining the bbb…. nevermind got it. 🙂

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