Jim Coleman / B&C Electronic Engineering, Inc. finest hour! :) Or the Swipe-N-Clean? Either one! LOL :)


Just to prove I will purchase any car wash item that was ever made!  I now have in my possession a Jim Coleman Swipe-N-Clean.  Actually Steve Week from Jim Coleman said B&C supports it now and gave me there phone number!  LOL  1-800-852-4795 bce-inc.com

I purchased this item in a lot of crap and was thinking of “trying” to sell it.  But I was wanting to see if the POS (point of sale people!  🙂  worked.

First off who on this Earth would call B&C and try to get crap software that B&C wrote in 1999…. it was crap in 1999.  Did anyone every use this thing?  🙂  Did a programmer stop and think at some point… this is a really bad idea?

The unit has mirrored drives and the previous owners decided in there great wisdom to unplug one of the broken drives and not replace it.  Then the other failed.  SHOCKER!  🙂  So I was thinking B&C could send or allow me to download the software which as the owner of this machine I OWN!

So I called B&C and talked to some lady which seemed to imply I was trying to steal there old crap software?  WHY?  Seriously why?  No really WHY?  She wanted numbers from the computer which is fine… who cares?  So she figured out that my unit was made in 2004.  But it did not have the original Fujitsu hard drives in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   SO?  Then there was some well these were NOT MANUFACTURED from B&C and…. HOW ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE COMPUTER IS OFF THE SHELF?  You guys at B&E manufactured NOTHING!  Especially the hard drives… which is even stupid to argue… but she liked to.  So I asked if it was possible if the owner re-imaged new drives when a old drive died?  (The 2 hard drives are setup in raid 1 or mirrored.  Which you would just put in a new drive and it would rebuild the drive.)  Basically I’m a moron….. yeah  🙂    Actually a moron could hookup any working drive and the motherboard not B&C would rebuild/copy the new drive.

This was the reason why I can’t get a new image of the old crap hard drive image:  B&C has a “special license agreement with Microsoft”?  Really?  How about the crap box B&C build owns the license… which I purchased?  So I own the license or actually the hardware it locked to that license?  Well?  Unless B&C used the same retail Windows NT license and every SNC they sold?  Which by looking at the partial image from the hard drive they do have Microsoft Office also?  and it looks like maybe even the full version of Visual Studio VB 5 which is stupid to license on every computer?  But again I can just see all the files and VB5 wasn’t fee like VB is now in 1999.  🙂    (Maybe B&C can provide my licenses and documentation?)

The only “real info” I got from them was the unit was 3-4 units behind….. they couldn’t list them all but I didn’t care either.  The “upgrade” is $3,200 (they have no manuals/documents but they can send me an invoice!  🙂 which after asking 2-3 time and then just saying “so you basically throw everything away?”  Got the answer!  They will not help me and nothing in the unit is worth keeping.  Sounds like not even the display?  But I was really getting sick of getting talked down to by someone who didn’t know anything.  But don’t get me wrong!  Why should she!  It’s 13 years old!  But she was just making up crap which is annoying.  Like it has software we wrote on it…. yeah (3 small apps: interface, sync with icverify and music?)!    Plus… didn’t I pay for them?  Plus what good is the software now… or then? 🙂  I asked nicely and said I wanted them?  🙂  Plus ICVerify is doing everything! and master card doesn’t support that version anymore it’s all garbage.  AN ASIDE (before I purchased this Swipe Thing): I did actually research icverify and thought it was really pretty good.  I would purchase icverify!  Don’t think B&C has anything to do with icverify either. Don’t think B&C really tried very hard with the SNC 1.0? I saw it in action. But I know someone used this unit… why you asked? Because ALL THE CREDIT CARD NAMES AND NUMBERS ARE STORED ON THE HARD DRIVE! But I guess this was before certain regulations maybe? 6056 transactions approved credit cards for $20… probably not that great from 5/2005-9/2012? (This SNC unit came from a 1mil+ Coleman mega sales pit. You know how they look and all the equipment they have. Everything Coleman…. which isn’t a bad thing at all. Just this SNC product is bad.) I haven’t looked at the access database yet. Which an access database is also great for production applications! Bad computer programmer JOKE 🙂

This makes me want to write my own computer based credit card system.  With something like icverify it really wouldn’t be that bad.  The only problem is having a computer.  That’s why I needed to call B&C in the first place.  I could only imagine how much they would charge for a new hard drive?  LOL  🙂 If I had my own cc system I would charge $1,000,000! LOL

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  1. Interested in participating in a class action against B&C and Coleman? B&C is violating consumer protection laws and is NOT PCI compliant and is still processing transactions. Coleman shows Swipe-n-clean as proprietary and exclusive. Who is really liable for processing errors which result in merchant losses? You know five others who have experienced losses from using this crap?

  2. Hi Tim. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with your personal contact information so we can discuss your losses and the situation you believe caused them. I am curious also about how many people have had such losses and just forgot about them because they felt they could not fight those big companies, and because it is such a “vertical” industry.

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