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  1. I’ve read about Emu oil before. I think its a gimmick. The people that use it want it to work so bad, in there mind it does. So I guess in a round about way it does work.

  2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    I use Emu Oil myself for a variety of issues, including natural pain management. It DOES work for me. Many people are getting relief from Emu Oil. It may not be for everyone, and that’s okay.

    Personally I was getting worse with Fibromyalgia & my Arthritis under normal AMA treatments. I’ll never be 100% again, but I am definitely doing more & in less pain than I was when I was under “regular” treatment methods. It has helped the quality of my life. I can also function much better at my job & drive a car without getting sleepy. Before with all the meds I was taking, I was groggy all the time.

    The mind is a very strong force and I agree with you, Galen, that people can get better from believing or wanting it so much, regardless of the treatment used. People with chronic pain issues, like me, have tried all kinds of things to improve the quality of their life. Some things work, others don’t. Emu Oil works for me.

    My MD is impressed enough about it to keep encouraging me to use Emu Oil. She also is aware I rarely take pain pills anymore, nor the other medications I was on prior to discovering Emu Oil. Doesn’t that say something for Emu Oil’s potential value?

    And the best part is, pain management is only one of the many uses for Emu Oil. You should see how it works for skin issues and other areas.

    Emu Oil Naturally

  3. I love the photo. Makes me laugh. I guess there is a funny side to that photo.
    Life would be dull without a bit of humour. Not to be taken personally.

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    I use it personally on my knee after they operated on it, still flares up now and then. But the Emu Oil takes away the imflammation, helping me to continue being active. It’s great on your face after shaving.
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