Flojet push lock problem – Update


The Flojet push lock fitting started leaking again today.  It looks like the brass insert in the fitting it coming out.  I just replaced it with about 5 other fittings (last picture).


What happened was the tire cleaner leaked on top of the holding tank.  Then the chemical leaked through the holding tank hinges.  This made the foam bush, high pressure soap and rinse water all be tire cleaner.  I had to siphon out all the tire cleaner. 

3 Replies to “Flojet push lock problem – Update”

  1. How long do you estimate that all these functions were tainted with tire cleaner? Did any customers complain about any/all of those products being laced with green tire cleaner and not being what they were supposed to be? What brand of tire cleaner do you use? What brand of other cleaning chemical products do you use. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  2. I posted some serious questions here yesterday and now they are gone. What happened to them. What about the answers?

  3. I got to the wash around 7:30 am and tire cleaner was everywhere and all the bays were on spot free rinse (which was not tainted). I was very surprised that no one complained.

    All the chemicals I am using are Warsaw. No Turkish prison just speeding tickets.

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