Best Trade Magazine?


I think I do not get Car Washing and Detailing anymore?  (Or whichever one did not go out of business. 🙂 )  I also do not get the new ICA magazine…. which I would hope would be better?  But this Kleen-Scene magazine is the best for the self-serve industry I believe.  It even has articles and more articles on how to fix crap.  This is where I will update with reasons the other magazines are worth receiving…..  Just let me know?

One note…. It would be better if Kleen-Scene discusses more current events…. Like association meetings etc.  But it is a great sales mag…. Basically like all the others but they just sell ads.

UPDATE: This is an update for Kate Carr. I found someone who really enjoys The Wash Street Journal.


Just a note…. Check out the lava arch like device he is pointing at. Even a 2 year old consultant can point this out as a desirable product! 🙂 (He also has a fee like every other consultant that worked for someone else….. His is $100 and you have to change his diaper. 🙂 )

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  1. The last six months I have specifically looked at every trade magazine to see what is written concerning the self serve market. None of them in including the association newsletter/magazines except the reborn SSCWN and the Kleen-Scene have anything for the Self Serve operator to read. I have to agree the Kleen-Scene is the best publication for the Self Serve industry and I appreciate the work they do to do it.

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