So today I will cut a hole in my garage…. How about you? :)

ZDNet Article  This is how Google drones will deliver your packages, and keep your pets safe

I like technology…. that is why I picked an industry with the absence of progress and technology!  LOL 🙂  (The car wash industry…. except the “gated facilities” format but that is not really technology.)

This article is great and worth a read I believe…. the future will change the way stuff is done no doubt.

I was not an engineer…. only a computer programmer.  (But I might have had to do convoluted things also?  🙂 ) But you can tell by the article that an engineer came up with their plan….  🙂

Robo cart at the house, beacon signal, drone flying around, drops off of package, pickup locations, safe locations….  You get the idea…. a 100 step process seems silly but I assume it could work? Employees are expensive…. but usps employees are the most expensive. They have a retirement package. 🙂  (But I highly doubt they can or would ever get fired.)

But I have been to a ghetto house before (could have been in a movie) with a chain link fence, toys, misc trash and dirt and weeds all over the yard with no sidewalk…. a pit bull on a chain and a huge dilapidated porch.  No clue how the robo cart and flying drone could save the day there?  Unless they do “profiling” of people?  LOL 🙂 Honestly I would not want any of my equipment flying into that house or that section of the city.  🙂  Crap the Police do not want to even drive there…. how would that work?  According to a Police investigator there has been numerous shoot outs on that street?  He said he was even in one…. but apparently no one gets shot?  Which is good!  LOL 🙂  But it is the beginning stages of drone tech!