119,000 CARS IN 3 MONTHS! Oh…. I got this email it is almost ICA time! :)

Check out this AMAZING testimony by Quality Car Wash in Holland, MI “Totally Tommy” Gas/Wash/C-store Model
I had no idea Tommy sold gas pumps for C-stores! πŸ™‚

I always hate emails like this Quality CW/C-Store emails. The success of Quality Car Wash has zero to do with using any equipment. They are placing a C-Store which takes a very good location. So for Quality CW it should have been zero surprise that the express wash was a success? If it was…. well that is very scary! πŸ™‚
705 Chicago Dr, Holland, MI 49423

That said…. I believe Tommy equipment looks the best by far. Their building looks great also…. probably their main selling point? Like those old LightHouse Autec buildings. But I have heard bad things about their fancy Tommy buildings…. call some of the owners I guess? But this other location could have been installed incorrectly? Or the person that told me was mistaken? Also isn’t MacNeil equipment hands down the best equipment? Then if you want cheap you purchase…. Well this might have changed? πŸ™‚

They also say it is completely “all without a loading attendant and you can too!”.
Yes…. I believe everyone knows this secret? Belt conveyor…. doesn’t everyone sell these? But there are trade offs. First is not having a “loading attendant” will cut down on your through put. Basically just like the picture they included in their video! LOL πŸ™‚ Second…. (The same Tommy location with the building problem has a belt conveyor) they have problems with cleaning tires. Guess why…. if you can pull in however you want?

I did not add the link of the video because it actually made me motion sick…. sorry. It was shot with an octocopter…. plus time-lapse very bad video.
focusedcarwash.com booth 1138 if you want to leapfrogΒ the competition”

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