Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 with Red Lion CL20 CL20010


Do you have a Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 or 2.0? Do you know where the data is stored on the unit? I was over at Greg’s wash the other day and during normal conversation this came up. Seems normal right? LOL 🙂 Well I have researched the redlion cl20 and how to program the device in the past but I got confused with the answer to the question. I thought this might help someone? If anyone knows or cares how stuff works? 🙂 The plc actually stores the data and the red lion is just the interface. Which the guy that corrected me immediately reminded me of that fact. I also checked it indirectly today while testing my new/used red lion I just purchased for way to much money! Which confirms the red lion does not store data. JFYI

Also the Red Lion is just an interface…. like your tv and your remote which is programmable. You do not leave on your tv to record things do you? DO NOT ANSWER YES! 🙂

What is also interesting about not caring about how anything works…. besides the large percentage of car wash owners. My guess is 75% mostly express people. Computer programmers were bad also…. some programmers did not even know basic information about the box they programmed on all day. Some never even visited it! I visited all the computer rooms everyday…. even when there was no need to! LOL 🙂